Snooze Away Your Blues!

Are you making time for enough ZZZ’s? Recent research shows that adequate sleep is indispensable for both physical and mental well-being. Break these sleep-depriving habits to help stop depression in its tracks!

Avoid these activities (described on page 200) right before turning in — they can keep you from restful, healing shuteye.

Can a nap really help you recover from a poor night’s rest? Turn to page 203 to find the answer to this eternal question!

• A cup of joe is a great way to kick-start your engine in the morning, but to make sure you’re not disrupting mood-boosting sleep, stop drinking coffee at this time each day. Page 205 has the solution!

• While you might think that being warmer at night will have you snoozing longer, try turning your thermostat down this much every hour before bedtime. There’s evidence that a mild drop in temperature at night helps increase sleep drive.

Healthy sleep is  just one of 6 simple steps that can help you naturally defeat depression!